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  • Christian witness in the Public Arena
    The Institute initiates conversations, seminars and public lectures to address issues facing African nations from a Biblical perspective towards strengthening the Church to be more actively salt and light in society. The primary areas of emphasis include: ● Integrity in governance, leadership and business ● Money Matters and Corruption ● Environmental Stewardship ● Work and Sustenance ● Issues of Social Justice ● Ethnicity and Race/Conflict Mediation Institute also proactively nurtures partnerships with various people, initiatives and bodies committed to the integration of Faith and Life within the African context as well as more intentional global South-South relations. The phenomenal growth of the church in Africa presents an unprecedented opportunity for it to impact African societies with the values of the kingdom of God.
  • Lifelong Transformational Leadership
    The Institute teaches, mentors and nurtures a culture of biblical servant leadership aimed at rediscovering leadership as service and the development of leaders as a lifelong process. This emphasis is embedded in all our training sessions.
  • Biblical Expository Preaching
    The Institute provides training and mentoring in Expository Bible Preaching. While seeking to provide an interdenominational platform to bring Pastors, Church leaders and lay persons for equipping in biblical-faithful and contextually relevant preaching, it hosts training seminars for professionals who often find themselves having to share God’s word. It also opens space to affirm common grounds to apply biblical guidance to issues facing the church, particularly in Ghana and by extension Africa.
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