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Challenges and Needs

Emphasis on the significant growth of the Church in Africa often underestimates the lack of impact on culture and society. Our Churches are full but we are plagued by an unhealthy dichotomy between what is considered sacred and what is assumed secular.

Even though more and more people are becoming Christians the flames of violence rage from Egypt to Central African Republic. The impact is felt not only in South Sudan, the newest nation on the continent that held so much promise but declined as rapidly by imploding into ethnic intolerance and power struggle, but in several other nations.


The ethno-religious conflicts in Central African Republic, Boko Haram rampage in Northern Nigeria, Al Shabab in Eastern Africa and various unrests in Northern Africa have added to the impact of bad governance and corruption and mismanagement of various resources. Sadly, the old paradigm of dichotomy between the sacred and secular continues to limit the engagement of the Church in all aspects of life with Kingdom values.

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