About Us 

The Institute teaches, mentors and nurtures a culture of biblical servant leadership aimed at rediscovering leadership as service and the development of leaders as a lifelong process.

Only the best is good enough for Africa.

                             - J.E Kwegyir Aggrey of Ghana

Our Mission

The Mission of the Institute for Christian Impact (ICI) is to equip leaders, especially younger generation of Christian leaders on issues of Faith and Life towards helping Christians to walk the talk of what it means to follow Jesus in ‘everydayness’ of life. It aims to help young entrepreneurs know they can do business without corruption. It aims to nurture Christian professionals and leaders to take the Lordship of Christ beyond the walls of the church to impact their daily sphere of engagement.

The Institute for Christian Impact is a non-denominational Christian enterprise committed to upholding Biblical Truth in the Public sphere and equipping Christians to bring their faith to bear on all aspects of life, work and community. It exists as an evangelical centre for teaching, mentoring and equipping of younger leaders and aims to be authentically biblical, contextually relevant, drawing on the best possible resources to bring the gospel to bear on life issues within Africa.

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Our Vision

The Vision of the Institute for Christian Impact (ICI) is to see the Church in Africa engaging biblically and effectively with the complex realities of the African context. It exists to mentor and equip leaders to meet the needs and challenges of the growing Church in Africa and to meaningfully bear effective witness by integrating Faith and Life.


The ethos of the Institute is Biblical, Evangelical, Interdenominational and Contextually Relevant. The Institute is neither be a Church nor host a congregation as Church but be a service to people from diverse churches / denominations. It seeks to work in partnership with various church institutions with similar vision, ethics and ethos but shall not structurally align with any denomination or Church as a primary partner.

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