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About Us 

The Institute teaches, mentors and nurtures a culture of biblical servant leadership aimed at rediscovering leadership as service and the development of leaders as a lifelong process.

Only the best is good enough for Africa.

                                                          - J.E Kwegyir Aggrey of Ghana

Our Mission

The Mission of the Institute for Christian Impact (ICI) is to serve the Church in Africa through equipping young Christian professionals to bear witness to Christ in all spheres of life.

Our Vision

The vision of the Institute for Christian Impact (ICI) is to see the Church in Africa engaging biblically and effectively with the complex realities of the African context.

Operational Modes

The Institute initiates and nurtures conversations (Consultative Dialogues, Christian Witness Seminars/Webinars, WhatsApp Dialogues) and Public lectures. It also nurtures a network and culture of accountability among participants - through local circles of accountability-for lasting impact. The Institute likewise nurtures an African perspective on issues of the Gospel, Mission and life in the Public Arena for the benefit of the global Church.


We do not underestimate the challenge of our quest for a Bright Africa. We acknowledged that there are also Christians who have embraced the mindset of ‘if you cannot beat them, join them’. Still, there must be a remnant who refuse to compromise their innermost core values of honesty, diligence, and self-hood under the Lordship of Christ. It is to such remnant we appeal, to join hands with us in nurturing a new generation of leaders who will bring their faith to bear on all spheres of professional calling ad life under the Lordship of Christ for the common good of our people!



The ethos of the Institute is Biblical, Evangelical, Interdenominational and Contextually Relevant.

  • Biblical – The institute seeks to operate consistent with the Word of God as found in the Bible. That is, the Bible provides the moral, and ethical foundation for our engagement, as well as the basis for our common life within the Institute, our values, and our approach.

  • Evangelical – The institute holds to a broadly evangelically orthodox Christian belief.

  • Interdenominational – The Institute partners with Christians from diverse churches, denominations, and organizations with similar vision, ethics and ethos but is not structurally aligned with any denomination or church as a primary partner

  • Contextually Relevant – The Institute draws on the best possible resources to bring the gospel to bear on life issues within Africa.

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