Mission for a Brighter Africa

Africa has come a long way from being called the ‘dark continent’ There’s enough evidence that the label dark cannot be solely assigned to geographical territory of the word.



The ethos of the Institute is Biblical, Evangelical, Interdenominational and Contextually Relevant. The Institute is neither be a Church nor host a congregation as Church but be a service to people from diverse churches / denominations. It seeks to work in partnership with various church institutions with similar vision, ethics and ethos but shall not structurally align with any denomination or Church as a primary partner.

Introduction This year’s first Consultative Dialogue being the fourth in successive local conversations in Ghana in the last two years by Institute...

The next West Africa Christian Witness in the Public Arena Seminar is approaching. Please block your calendar, plan, save money and join us in July 2020 for this impactful seminar.

Financial Support for ICI in Ghana and from within Africa should be sent directly to:


+233 54 143 5767


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